A Glimpse into “Rivers from Above”

By Sarah Ross, NWNL Project Manager 

All Photos © Alison M. Jones

During these uncertain times, NWNL remains focused on its Mission and 2020 Goals. This blog peeks into our upcoming Rivers from Above, next in our series of small, self-published photo-books. Below are a few images we’ve chosen from 70 NWNL expeditions over 15 years. Rivers from Above will showcase our rivers’ natural beauty through shapes and colors, plus highlight the global challenges we hope to meet soon, such as pollution, deforestation and climate change.

NWNL plans to self-publish “Rivers from Above” this summer.  Our 2019 Blog describes previous NWNL Self-Published Books. You can buy any of our NWNL books and NWNL photos by visiting our NWNL Store.  Your purchases will help NWNL continue spreading freshwater awareness, via exhibits and lectures, our books and blogs, NWNL’s Weekly DROP of News, and quarterly NWNL newsletters.

We give a special thanks to LightHawk.org, who granted NWNL Director, Alison M. Jones a full day of 2 aerial flights over New Jersey’s Raritan River Basin.

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