The Spirit of A River

By Alison M. Jones, NWNL Director Photos © Alison M Jones The dedicated Dust Bowl Era photographers were the first to nudge me towards using my camera for more than family portraits and travel-scapes. A specific focus evolved as I read James Agee’s words that accompany the haunting Depression Era imagery of Walker Evans in their joint … Continue reading The Spirit of A River

The Weight of Life

By Sarah Ross, NWNL Project Manager Photos © Alison M Jones INTRODUCTION  While in Ethiopia in 2005, NWNL Director Alison Jones witnessed health issues, known as fistulas faced by African girls and women tasked to carry heavy jugs of water. Her visit to Addis Ababa's Fistula Hospital and research led to her essay on women … Continue reading The Weight of Life

Summer 2019 – River Reading

Written by Alison M Jones, NWNL Director Photos © Alison M Jones I wonder why there are more summer reading lists than winter reading lists? With more daylight hours in the summer to be enjoying the outdoors, I tend to read less in the summer. But, there are lovely "reading rooms" in the riverside shade of … Continue reading Summer 2019 – River Reading

Summer Signage Synergy

Written by Alison M Jones, NWNL Director Photos © Alison M Jones The significance of signage hit me during a 2008 stroll with Walter Volovsek in Castlegar, British Columbia. This Columbia River Basin historian and volunteer sign-maker walked with me along Canada’s upper reaches of the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River. His signs dotted our trail … Continue reading Summer Signage Synergy

Kenya’s Mara River – Under Threat Today

Written by NWNL Director Alison M Jones Photos © Alison M Jones, May 2019  This May, NWNL was again in Kenya investigating the impacts of proposed dams, drought and deforestation on Kenya’s Mara River.  Many scenes substantiated concern. On arrival in Kenya, conversations were a-buzz with comments on the extremely low levels of Mara River … Continue reading Kenya’s Mara River – Under Threat Today

Endangered Species Day

Last Friday (May 17) was Endangered Species Day - an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the importance of protecting endangered species and everyday actions they can take to help protect them. Today's blog gives an overview of a few endangered species the Endangered Species Coalition highlight on their website that are … Continue reading Endangered Species Day

NWNL Self-Published Books

Did you know NWNL has self-published several books using photographs taken by NWNL Director Alison Jones on expeditions? Several of the books also use quotes from NWNL Voices of the River interviews with watershed stewards as well as additional research. Today's blog gives an overview of each of NWNL's self-published books. If you're interested in … Continue reading NWNL Self-Published Books