NWNL Self-Published Books

Did you know NWNL has self-published several books using photographs taken by NWNL Director Alison Jones on expeditions? Several of the books also use quotes from NWNL Voices of the River interviews with watershed stewards as well as additional research. Today’s blog gives an overview of each of NWNL’s self-published books. If you’re interested in purchasing any of our books you can do so on the NWNL online store.


This hardcover photo-book with matching glossy dust jacket is full color printed on Lustre Paper and features photographs of the world’s diverse wetlands.



Riparian Forests

This hardcover photo-book with matching glossy dust jacket is full color printed on Lustre Paper, highlighting forests that support and maintain our watersheds.



The Atchafalaya Basin:
Wetlands at a Crossroads

This photo-book is available in both soft- or hardcover and includes a bibliography and list of Local Stewards. Following NWNL Methodology, this full-color book analyzes the values, threats and solutions seen facing this unique sub-basin of the Lower Mississippi River Basin.



Rome: No Aqua No Vita

This hardcover photo-book includes a preface by the photographer on the values of water in governance and social life. The images reveal ancient Roman aqueducts, centuries-old fountains, the Tiber River and water in Rome today.


Watershed Whites

Based on themes of white (water, birds, fog, ice, flowers, snow, sky…), this softcover photo-book includes images taken during NWNL expeditions to its six case-study watersheds and four spotlight regions.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.32.49 AM.pngWatershed-Whites-inside-1278x558


Created by former Alison M Jones Photography Office Manager Jenna Petrone for NWNL, this softcover photo-book combines NWNL photographs with scientific data and commentary. NWNL Hydro-Graphics focus on the total amounts of water used to create our foods (also known as “virtual water”); the importance of WAter for Sanitation and Hygiene (“WASH”); watershed stewardship and values; and prominent aspects of the six NWNL case-study watersheds.


Don’t forget – if you’re interested in purchasing any of NWNL’s self-published books please head over to our online store for more information.

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