A NextGen Shout Out!

By Sarah Ross, NWNL Assistant Director

It has been just more than a year since NWNL officially launched our NextGen Blog Series as a mentoring and publication opportunity for college students and graduates researching freshwater and related environmental issues. I am happy to announce we have now published over 40 posts featuring the voices of 15 global students. It has been a rewarding process to coordinate this team of young environmentalist and thus further NWNL’s focus on watershed education. This post is dedicated to all our student and recent grad bloggers – we thank you for your efforts to advocate for our freshwater resources and the communities they serve!

As we continue to welcome more student contributors to our NWNL NextGen Blog, below are some our favorite and most inspiring NextGen posts from the last few months:

My Journey to Environmental Law

by Rachel Rebello, Boston University

As one of the first students featured in our NextGen Blog series, Rachel Rebello shared how NWNL supported her journey into Environmental Law. We hope this post will encourage younger students considering similar career paths. This post was published with great appreciation for Rachel’s extensive and early-on research into PFAS contamination, in series focused on PFAS in each of our 3 US case-study watersheds, as part of her ongoing commitment to our environment. Read her posts here.

Women in Freshwater Management

by Johanna Mitra, Stony Brook University

To celebrate Women’s History Month (March), this NextGen Blog post highlighted the need for more women in positions of environmental  decision-making in Africa and India. This was Johanna’s 8th blog post for NWNL. Read her earlier posts here.

Supporting the Return of Columbia River Salmon

by Lauren Rose, University of Exeter

Published just week’s before American Rivers’ announcement listing the Snake River as 2021’s Most Endangered River, this blog post sheds light on the freshwater threats faced in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia by looking at their declining salmon populations due to dams. Stay tuned for Lauren’s follow-up blog on the potential for removal of the 4 Lower Snake River Dams in coordination with local advocates and Save our Wild Salmon.

Novel Freshwater Ecosystems: A River Management Perspective

by Becca Jordan, University of Nottingham

In this NextGen Blog post, UK student Becca Jordan drew inspiration from one of her postgraduate modules on the “novel ecosystem concept.” Novel ecosystems are those that have been so dramatically changed from their historical state that they have become entirely new systems with unique species interactions and the ability to self-sustain. Her research on freshwater novel ecosystems provides unique perspectives on the future of river management and conservation. Read Becca’s earlier posts here.

Are you a high school senior, college student or recent graduate? Are you interested in environmental and freshwater issues? We are currently welcoming more student writers to our NWNL Blog. Message us for more information!

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