Brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana’s water

Naegleria fowleri¬† (also known as the "brain-eating amoeba") is a free-living, thermophilic excavate form of protist typically found in warm bodies of fresh water, such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and hot springs. It is also found in soil, near warm-water discharges of industrial plants, and in poorly chlorinated, or unchlorinated swimming pools.... N. fowleri can … Continue reading Brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana’s water

Last month's NWNL SPOTLIGHT on the California Drought documented the state's inland Central Valley. Usually, the Sierra Nevadas' runoff supplies water to the Sacramento River Basin's rice fields, walnut orchards and migratory waterfowl havens around the Buttes. However California's 3-year drought has drastically reduced this water supply, so critical for agricultural and ecosystem needs throughout … Continue reading

A glimpse of life in the Omo River Basin

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