Desalination Explained

By Paddy Padmanathan (Edited by Alison M.  Jones, NWNL Director) Pictures and graphics provided by Paddy Padmanathan Mr. Padmanathan, a professional civil engineer for over 35 years, is President and CEO of ACWA Power, a company that delivers desalinated water in 11 countries. His goal today is to promote localization of technology and industrialization of … Continue reading Desalination Explained

Day Zero – A Water Warning

By Stephanie Sheng for No Water No Life (NWNL) Edited by NWNL Director, Alison Jones Stephanie Sheng is a passionate strategist for environmental and cultural conservation. Having worked in private and commercial sectors, she now uses her branding and communications expertise to drive behavior change that will help protect our natural resources. Inspired by conservation … Continue reading Day Zero – A Water Warning

Serpentine Curves and Manufactured Angles of the Mississippi

Aerial photos of the Atchafalaya Basin. - Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

Oysters for the Raritan and Hudson Bays

NWNL focuses on solutions to watershed degradation as much as it does on watershed threats. This spring, NWNL guest writer Carly Shields is investigating an exciting innovative approach to reducing pollution and stabilizing shorelines in the New Jersey-New York Raritan and Hudson Bays. Her first report begins: “Oysters are more than something you're served at … Continue reading Oysters for the Raritan and Hudson Bays

Is the California Drought here to stay?

The short answer is an emphatic, "YES!" It is real. Even if El Niño arrives next year, as some climatologists have hinted, California currently uses too much water to allow replenishment of its reservoirs and ground water - now at historic low levels. It is predicted that precipitation levels will fluctuate wildly, as they have … Continue reading Is the California Drought here to stay?

Columbia River is one of the most hydro-dammed rivers in the world

The Columbia is one of the most hydro-dammed river basins in the world with some dams now over 70 years old. These dams change downstream water flows, and stop fish migrations. They are also buckling under decades of accumulated polluted sediment. The pressure is on for decommissioning many of these older dams, and 2 large … Continue reading Columbia River is one of the most hydro-dammed rivers in the world

New pix shared

Check out NWNL's new photo gallery - Mara River Basin: Use and abuse of its water resources.