Our Great Migrators

*NWNL thoughts prior to World Fish Migration Day-5/24.* Many are unaware of the exquisite sarabande of life personified by our migratory species: anadromous fish, birds, monarch butterflies, dragonflies and others. Most migratory species are threatened in one form or another during their annual passages by manmade impediments. Today, on expedition along the Snake River, NWNL … Continue reading Our Great Migrators

NWNL Expedition Spotlights California Drought! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFy5b_rG1qI  Chasing California's Thirst   March 14-26, 2014 Expedition No Water No Life will visit the Sacramento Delta from San Francisco Bay to Antioch, the Sacramento River from the Delta north to the Butte Sink region, and the San Joaquin River from the Delta south to Bakersfield to document causes, impacts and solutions of California’s … Continue reading NWNL Expedition Spotlights California Drought! 

How Wolves Change Rivers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q This video, How Wolves Change Rivers, explains the “balance-of-nature“ phenomena scientists call a "trophic cascade.” NWNL also documented this on its Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Expedition in 2008. When wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park, it had a very beneficial impact on the ecosystem and on water flows. Although the video mislabels the elk … Continue reading How Wolves Change Rivers

Ethiopia: Dams threaten Indigenous communities, Omo Valley, Lake Turkana

http://youtu.be/oAxVrUV9tbs A Cascade of Development on the Omo River by International Rivers, with photos by Alison M. Jones, 2014 (11:19). This film outlines how Ethiopia’s new Gibe Dams will cause a 70% water-level reduction over the next 3 years - and thus drastically impact Ethiopia’s Omo River, its Lake Turkana terminus in Kenya, and ½ … Continue reading Ethiopia: Dams threaten Indigenous communities, Omo Valley, Lake Turkana

“GLOOP” threatening global watersheds

GLOOP by Gaby Bastyra, 2010 (3:48). A documentary short told as a nursery-school chant by a young girl tracing the discovery and impacts of plastic on our oceans, rivers and environment in general. Putting this message in the mouth of today’s youngest generation adds a gutsy impact to the now-familiar story of the forever-here debris … Continue reading “GLOOP” threatening global watersheds

I Am RED – a must see video poem

http://vimeo.com/63943253 The Colorado River — The Most Endangered River in America 2013 I have run these canyons for six million years. I have traveled from the Rocky Mountains to the deserts, through scorching heat, and freezing cold.  From the land of the dinosaurs to fields of food. I lend my hand to seven states, two … Continue reading I Am RED – a must see video poem


http://www.youtu.be/4_cE3mKIFbI THE TENNESSEE AND OHIO RIVER NO WATER NO LIFE EXPEDITION HAS JUST ENDED! How many miles did Alison’s ’88 BMW (a.k.a. Black Beauty) travel within the Tennessee and Ohio River Basins during No Water No Life's 5 week documentation of the values and vulnerability of fresh water resources in WV, VA, NC, TN, AL, … Continue reading LAST CHANCE TO ENTER THE FUN!