Desalination Explained

By Paddy Padmanathan (Edited by Alison M.  Jones, NWNL Director) Pictures and graphics provided by Paddy Padmanathan Mr. Padmanathan, a professional civil engineer for over 35 years, is President and CEO of ACWA Power, a company that delivers desalinated water in 11 countries. His goal today is to promote localization of technology and industrialization of … Continue reading Desalination Explained

Glossaries: A Tool for Understanding

Written by NWNL Intern Lucy Briody Edited by Alison M Jones, NWNL Director No Water No Life Summer 2018 Intern Lucy Briody is a sophomore at Colgate University where she is majoring in Environmental Geography and minoring in English and Women’s Studies. Part of her work this summer has been dedicated to creating an updated … Continue reading Glossaries: A Tool for Understanding

Stewardship Means All Hands on Board

As I was going through our photo archive for another project, I noticed a repetition of hands in pictures of volunteers, scientists, interviewees and other river stewards that NWNL Director Alison Jones has photographed. Whether they're using their hands while talking, or doing physical work, river stewards know that stewardship means "all hands on board" … Continue reading Stewardship Means All Hands on Board

What is a Bio Blitz? A Strategy for Stewardship

By Kevin FitzPatrick, Conservation Photographer, iLCP Senior Fellow Bio Blitz: a short, intense team effort to discover as many different life forms as possible in one location; shorter-duration, smaller-scaled versions of All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventories (ATBIs) [See Glossary below article.] A Bio Blitz compasses all that I want to communicate to my audience about conservation and … Continue reading What is a Bio Blitz? A Strategy for Stewardship

Dr. Alan Rice Reviews “The Waste Water Gardener”, by Dr. Mark Nelson

  Reviewer’s Bio: Dr Alan Rice, (Doctor of Engineering Science) has conducted research in a number of fields, directing attention to environmental issues. He draws on experience from extensive global travel, having spent significant time in many countries.   Information about Dr. Mark Nelson's "The Waste Water Gardener" NWNL Director’s Note: As one of 8 … Continue reading Dr. Alan Rice Reviews “The Waste Water Gardener”, by Dr. Mark Nelson

Drought: A Photo Essay

From 2014 until the beginning of 2017  California suffered through a major drought. It was a hot topic in the news, and NWNL conducted five Spotlight Expeditions to document and bring attention to that drought and its significance.  But what exactly is a drought? What causes droughts?  What are the effects of droughts? What does … Continue reading Drought: A Photo Essay

Art as Activism to Save Our Rivers

“Water meanders in and out of every discipline, so we can never have too many poets, hydrologists, urban planners, biologists, lawyers, writers, physicians, NGO’s, or geologists working to amplify and aid water’s voice”, says artist Basia Irland. In Irland’s Receding / Reseeding series, river water is frozen, carved into the form of a book, which … Continue reading Art as Activism to Save Our Rivers