Raritan River Week!

We love the Raritan River! Celebrate RARITAN RIVER WEEK April 16-30, 2016! Check out the events page for rain barrel workshops, nature walks, stream cleanups, composting/gardening sessions and more for people of all ages to enjoy! There's also a great list of resources for the region which includes maps of parks and protected areas, a … Continue reading Raritan River Week!

The Raritan River We Know and Love

By Judy Shaw, Ph.D., Urban Environmental Planner, Watershed Policy Coordinator, Author The Raritan River, a long unsung treasure of New Jersey, was high on the list of special places for No Water No Life Founder and Director, Alison Jones. She lived in this NWNL case-study watershed all through her childhood and much of her adulthood. … Continue reading The Raritan River We Know and Love

Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Have you ever posted about Climate Change on social media? Do you care about animals and their habitat? Have you used the word "sediment?" Have you ever talked about soil in casual conversation? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, think about becoming a Rutgers University Certified Environmental Steward. No previous environmental … Continue reading Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Recommended weekend activity: Sit by a lazy river :)

Beautiful new book on the Raritan River

http://youtu.be/yXPP8tqP-xU No Water No Life applauds Dr. Judy Auer Shaw on the publication of her new book, "The Raritan River: Our Landscape, Our Legacy."  For 8 years, NWNL has observed the power of Judy's outreach upstream and downstream along the Raritan.  Her personal passion for this river and local stewardship has brought together residents, scientists, … Continue reading Beautiful new book on the Raritan River

Oysters for the Raritan and Hudson Bays

NWNL focuses on solutions to watershed degradation as much as it does on watershed threats. This spring, NWNL guest writer Carly Shields is investigating an exciting innovative approach to reducing pollution and stabilizing shorelines in the New Jersey-New York Raritan and Hudson Bays. Her first report begins: “Oysters are more than something you're served at … Continue reading Oysters for the Raritan and Hudson Bays

It’s almost WINTER!

Here are our favorite pix of WINTER in response to Ailsa's Weekly Travel Theme. Wintry scenes from the Raritan River Basin in New Jersey.