Wild and Scenic River: Merced River

Sections of California's Merced River were added to the Wild and Scenic River System at two separate times, November 2, 1987 and October 23, 1992. The designated sections include  the Red Peak Fork, Merced Peak Fork, Triple Peak Fork, and Lyle Fork, from their sources in Yosemite National Park to Lake McClure; and the South Fork from … Continue reading Wild and Scenic River: Merced River

Amboseli Wetlands

by Pongpol Adireksarn for No Water No Life Edited by Alison Jones, NWNL Director Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest and most well-known mountain. The Maasai call it “Ol Dolnyo Oibor” (The White Mountain) because of its snow-capped top, a symbolic landmark for centuries. Besides being picturesque, Kilimanjaro has lived up to its reputation as “The Life-giving … Continue reading Amboseli Wetlands

Foiled !

Today I tried to go to the Shiloh Indian Mounds in TN and the Holcut Memorial in MS (dedicated to a town submerged in the 80's when the Feds constructed the Tennessee- Tombigbee Waterway). This is what I saw at both places: It's the same shut gate I've seen on this month's expedition at Great … Continue reading Foiled !

White Nile River Basin Exp. – Murchison Falls NP

Aerial documentation along the shores of Lake Albert, en route to Murchison, revealed sites of oil exploration on fan deltas and a hydro-power site at Tonya Falls on the lake’s eastern escarpment.… Neither the details of Uganda’s Oil Production Agreement, means of transporting the oil, nor the selected extraction companies have been announced. This secrecy has led to many rumors in the press. Hopes are that the expected oil income will be put towards food, healthcare, education and energy.