Keep It Flowin’

Supporting Wetlands, Watersheds and NWNL Since Jan 6, Alison has been immersed in intense editing of expedition interviews already transcribed, which will shortly entail paying webmaster expenses. The first series of 10 interviews will be about The Mau Forest, Kenya’s largest water tower and the source of the Mara River Basin. Soon we’ll be needing … Continue reading Keep It Flowin’

Gathering Momentum

A STRONG PUSH... In Paris this month 195 countries tackled climate change together, due to increased public awareness. TO KEEP MOVING... Climate change is still in question, NOT out of the question! AND PAYING ATTENTION. Climate change is invisible, but its causes and effects are visible. Photography has been a critical tool in communicating the … Continue reading Gathering Momentum

Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Have you ever posted about Climate Change on social media? Do you care about animals and their habitat? Have you used the word "sediment?" Have you ever talked about soil in casual conversation? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, think about becoming a Rutgers University Certified Environmental Steward. No previous environmental … Continue reading Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Recommended weekend activity: Sit by a lazy river :)

Happy World Elephant Day!

For 30 years NWNL has studied Kenya’s iconic, charismatic jumbos that create water access for so many other species in the Mara River Basin. What can you do to celebrate and help elephants? (scroll down for a few ideas 🙂 ) Participate in the #elegram project ---------> and tell others to participate too! Send an … Continue reading Happy World Elephant Day!

What are Phragmites and why are they a Problem?

Non-native Phragmites, also known as common reed, is a perennial, aggressive wetland grass that displaces native plant and animal species. Invasive Phragmites is one of the most widespread plants on Earth and is found worldwide. In the U.S. it grows in the eastern states particularly along the Atlantic Coast and increasingly across the Midwest and … Continue reading What are Phragmites and why are they a Problem?

Thinking GREEN for Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22! How'd it become a global movement? - Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director