Soil and Water: An Intro

By Jillian Madocs, NWNL Research Intern (Edited by Alison Jones, NWNL Director) This blog begins a NWNL series on how soil impacts water quality and availability.  Our research intern Jillian Madocs is a Siena College senior studying  Environmental Studies & Community Development.  Her next NWNL focus will be on urban water issues.  Stewardship in Cedar Falls, Iowa … Continue reading Soil and Water: An Intro

The Great Giver: The Nile River

By Joannah Otis for No Water No Life (NWNL) This is the 9th and final blog in the NWNL series on the Nile River in Egypt by NWNL Researcher Joannah Otis, a sophomore at Georgetown University. This essay addresses the human uses of the Nile River.  [NWNL expeditions have covered the Upper Nile, but due … Continue reading The Great Giver: The Nile River

Behind the wheel

- Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

A glimpse of life in the Omo River Basin

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