Bold Resistance to Nebraska KXL Pipeline

Written by Art Tanderup Edited by Alison M Jones, NWNL Director Photos by Alison M Jones NWNL INTRO: For 35 years, Art Tanderup worked as a Nebraska Public School educator.  When he and his wife Helen (a student services consultant at a community college for years) retired, they returned to their family farm near Neligh, … Continue reading Bold Resistance to Nebraska KXL Pipeline

Can’t have a rainbow without a li’l rain

Rainbows invoke optimism that the rain has come followed by sun – perfect growing conditions and full rivers for irrigation!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse!

US: Washington, horse and barn Wishing all watersheds enough rain and snow to recharge their rivers and fields! Hopefully this new year will bring more efficient irrigation technologies and more drought tolerant crops being planted, because agriculture consumes 75-80% of clean fresh water on this planet. - Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director