Alarm Bells are Ringing – Let’s Wake Up

Ten days ago 82,000 tons of coal ash slurry began to spill into North Carolina’s Dan River due to a 48” broken pipe owned by Duke Energy. This is what a similar 2008 coal ash spill in Kingston TN looks like today - 6 years into a still-ongoing cleanup! This past October, NWNL documented the … Continue reading Alarm Bells are Ringing – Let’s Wake Up

Living Lands & Waters Celebrates 10th “X-Stream Clean-Up”

June – National Rivers Month

In the spirit of Summer Solstice, NWNL offers below its interview with Ray Gardner, Chief of the Chinook Nation, honoring the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River and Mother Earth. We met Ray on the 2007 NWNL Columbia River Expedition in a Chinook cove off this salmon-filled river’s estuary. Three weeks ago NWNL completed its Upper and … Continue reading June – National Rivers Month