Anadromous Fish and Dams in NJ’s Raritan River

By Bianca T. Esposito, NWNL Research Intern (Edited by Alison M.  Jones, NWNL Director) All photos © Alison M. Jones Bianca is a Syracuse University senior studying Biology and Economics. Her NWNL summer research on watershed biodiversity also yielded these NWNL blogs:  Wild v. Hatchery Salmon; Buffalo & Bison; Papyrus & Phragmites; Deer & Elephants and … Continue reading Anadromous Fish and Dams in NJ’s Raritan River

What are anadromous fish?

Tomorrow is World Fish Migration Day (WFMD). The ancient migration story of fish ascending rivers from oceans to breed is miraculous.  Such fish - called anadromous, from the Greek word  “anadramein” meaning “running upward” - include salmon, steelhead, shad, sturgeon, lamprey in the Pacific Northwest; and shad, sturgeon, alewives and herring along the US East … Continue reading What are anadromous fish?

Our Great Migrators

*NWNL thoughts prior to World Fish Migration Day-5/24.* Many are unaware of the exquisite sarabande of life personified by our migratory species: anadromous fish, birds, monarch butterflies, dragonflies and others. Most migratory species are threatened in one form or another during their annual passages by manmade impediments. Today, on expedition along the Snake River, NWNL … Continue reading Our Great Migrators