The eternal dance of water

Our waterways dance through lush green forests, industrial cities, into vast oceans, even underground and dried up river beds leave their trails as they drift across the earth, supporting all life. Inspired by The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge - dance. Posted by Jasmine Graf, Associate Director of No Water No Life.

FREE Hydro-graphics that You Can Use and Share!

No Water No Life created these photo-messages as a quick visual means of raising awareness of the value and vulnerability of our freshwater resources. Download and share them with others! (click images to view larger) View more Hydro-graphics here. Hydro-graphics designed by Jenna Petrone. Posted by Jasmine Graf, Associate Director of No Water No Life.

We all live downstream

    Posted by Jasmine Graf, Associate Director of No Water No Life.

Textures of the Natural World

If alphabets represent the sounds of language, can texture articulate the harmonies of nature? View more textures of nature in our Flickr album! Posted in response to "Alphabet" - Word a Week Photo Challenge. Posted by Jasmine Graf, Associate Director of No Water No Life.

💦 A Flow of Holiday Thoughts…

We wish you the Magic of water, the Rhythm of rivers and the Joy of friends and family on our riverbanks! "THE RIVER SPEAKS"  - Poem by Gene Lindberg Down from the mountains of eternal snow The streams come tumbling, joining as they flow To send a river winding toward the sea. I listen, and … Continue reading 💦 A Flow of Holiday Thoughts…

Gathering Momentum

A STRONG PUSH... In Paris this month 195 countries tackled climate change together, due to increased public awareness. TO KEEP MOVING... Climate change is still in question, NOT out of the question! AND PAYING ATTENTION. Climate change is invisible, but its causes and effects are visible. Photography has been a critical tool in communicating the … Continue reading Gathering Momentum

#Climate4Peace – NOW

The last few months have been charged with galvanizing grassroots energy. We’ve seen 'Kayak-tivists' halt Shell’s Arctic icebreaker, and campaigns such as Keep it in the Ground and DIVEST.  People are increasingly  gathering and marching in hundreds of cities around the world and calling for clean energy solutions. In NYC this past weekend, global activism … Continue reading #Climate4Peace – NOW

Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Have you ever posted about Climate Change on social media? Do you care about animals and their habitat? Have you used the word "sediment?" Have you ever talked about soil in casual conversation? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, think about becoming a Rutgers University Certified Environmental Steward. No previous environmental … Continue reading Signs that you are an Environmentalist

Lion Populations to Decline by Half

  Lions are currently considered "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, but if upcoming assessments change their status to "endangered" they will be considered at "a very high risk of extinction in the wild".  Scientists estimate that a mere 20,000 lions are left in all of Africa and that number will be … Continue reading Lion Populations to Decline by Half


No Water - No Life! Let's protect it! Daily Post's Weekly Photo Theme: Connected. – Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director