Transboundary Ecological Impacts of a Border Wall

Current Border Wall, Lukeville AZ.  Photo by Alison M. Jones By Christina Belasco and Alison M. Jones For all the recent talk about a U. S.-Mexico border wall, most rhetoric has ignored its significant environmental impacts.  Funding efforts for this massive, concrete wall are temporarily shelved; yet No Water No Life wants to promote discussion of the important watershed threats this wall poses, as … Continue reading Transboundary Ecological Impacts of a Border Wall

Microbeads – Harm Behind the Product

It’s time to rethink the hygienic products we use. Those tiny little beads in our peach scented facial scrub are doing much more than just exfoliating our skin. A large number of studies have shown that these tiny microbeads have extremely harmful impacts on the environment. Once they get swept down the sink, the beads … Continue reading Microbeads – Harm Behind the Product

USGS Studies Pharmaceuticals in our Streams

  Blog by Christina Belasco, Project Manager The USGS just released a study of 59 streams in the Southeastern United States ranging from Georgia to Virginia. Alarmingly, the study showed that every single one of these streams tested positive for pollution by pharmaceutical compounds. These compounds have a wide variety of negative impacts on the … Continue reading USGS Studies Pharmaceuticals in our Streams