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By Sarah Ross
All Photos © Alison M. Jones

As we mail out our mid-year fundraiser appeal, this blog post shares some of our recent NWNL accomplishments and ongoing summer projects. Please help NWNL share its research and expedition materials documenting healthy waterways and promoting clean water available for all! Your continued support is appreciated now more than ever. Donate here.

If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.
— Adm. William McCraven 

NWNL Voices of the River

Our NWNL Team has been hard at work adding more No Water No Life Voices of the River expedition interviews to our website on a weekly basis. The following are particularly focused on this summer’s critical headline topics, including a global distress over the impacts of megadroughts. These interviews capture the knowledge and visions of scholars, soil biologists, environmentalists and trailblazers we have met who are responsible for shaping our watersheds and global freshwater issues. As well, they are the thinkers, providing solutions.

Voices from the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Dr. Laura Jackson University of Northern Iowa, 2013

Daryl Smith Tallgrass Prairie Center, Director, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 2013

A Voice from the Columbia River Basin

Walter Volovsek Columbia River historian and chronicler, Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada, 2008

Voices from California on its Megadrought

Suzie Dawley Colusa County Dept. of Health & Services, on drought impacts on farming in the Sacramento River Basin, 2014

Robert Silva Mayor of Mendota, on drought impacts in the Central Valley’s agricultural San Joaquin River Basin, 2014

NWNL NextGen Blog Series

This spring, four more college and recently-graduated students joined our growing NextGen network. We continue to be inspired by the dedicated passion of these young writers. We’re proud to offer this platform so they can share their unique perspectives. Here are some of their recent posts focused on NWNL’s case studies and spotlights.

Sea Level Rise in Egypt

By Gabrielle Wilson, Ryerson University, Toronto

This blog post examines Egypt’s rising sea levels and attempts to solve this crisis, worsened by climate change. It elaborates on issues recorded by our 70th NWNL expedition that went to the Nile River Basin, just before Covid-19. Continue reading

Lawn Culture in the United States

By Johanna Mitra, Stony Brook University, New York

This blog, focused on the omnipresent lawns in the US, reflects our No Water No Life concern over climate change and our efforts to spread awareness of US and global megadrought causes and mitigating solutions. Continue reading…

Saving 2021’s Most Endangered US River

By Lauren Rose, University of Exeter, England

Following her earlier NWNL Blog post, “Supporting the Return of Columbia River Salmon,” this article explores the beneficial impacts and implications of opening the Lower Snake River Dams to save salmon, orca and other species affected by these dams. Continue reading…

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