Water Talk

By Sarah Ross, NWNL Project Manager

As we begin the New Year, we want to share with you and thank 5 of our favorite water podcasts that have been great resources for us in 2020. NWNL appreciates their commitment to raising awareness of the values, availability and quality of our freshwater resources. As noted by John Dewey, a pragmatic philosopher and educational reformer: “We can have facts without thinking, but we cannot have thinking without the facts.”

Circle of Blue: WaterNews

Founded by environmentalist journalists and scientists, this podcasts series shares reliable and actionable information on global water issues that can be read in under 10 minutes.

Words on Water

This podcast by the Water Environment Federation features monthly conversations with some of the top water professionals discussing everything from PFAS contamination to water injustice.  

The Water Values

In collaboration with Bluefield Research, each episode of this water-focused podcast explores a critical water issue from a global perspective.

Listen On: Water

This 8-episode series, geared for a younger audience, introduces topics including the water cycle, freshwater versus salt water comparisons,  and safe drinking water in the US.

Pulse of the Planet

This daily radio show shares 2-minute interviews with some of today’s leading environmentalists behind the calming sounds of the natural world.

Please comment below with any note-worthy podcasts you would like to share by scrolling down to the box at the bottom labeled LEAVE A REPLY.

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