A Watershed Thankful List

All photos © Alison M. Jones

For 12 years, NWNL has documented six case-studies in North America and Eastern Africa – as well as a Spotlight on the ongoing 7-year California Drought. Thus, this week we want to share our appreciation of nature’s miracles and human stewardship in these special watersheds! NWNL says THANK YOU for the following:

  • The 700,000 Sandhill Cranes that, in the midst of their 5,000-mile, 1,000,000-year-old spring migration, still roost in Nebraska’s historic prairie on the banks and shallows of the braided The Platte River, a tributary to the Mississippi River.


  • Coordination between scientists, stewards, stakeholders and government representatives within The Mara River Basin working with transboundary colleagues to save forests and water flows for the sake of iconic wildlife, farmers and indigenous peoples.


  • Ongoing support for those in so many California Watersheds struggling with devastation fires and mudslides in that state’s Central Valley, Napa Valley, Paradise, and Coastal Communities.


  • Billions of oysters are thriving again in The Raritan Bay, filtering out hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollutants trillions of gallons of water.


  • Pacific Northwest Native American and First Nation stewards in The Columbia River Basin, leading efforts to protect and open migratory routes now blocked by dams for salmon needing access to their spawning grounds and orca whales reliant on salmon for their survival.


  • The quiet guardianship of and by gorillas in rainforests that store rains that are the fresh water supplies for the Ugandan headwaters of the White Nile River.


  • The sustainability of communities and cultures that have persevered for over 6,000 years along the banks of Ethiopia’s Omo River and the shorelines of its terminus, Kenya’s Lake Turkana, despite the harsh desert conditions of their lands.


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