TODAY’S HEADLINES – REALLY? NEWS FLASH! The North Pole temperature is 30° Fahrenheit today - as warm as Chicago yesterday and warmer than much of the US Midwest!  And remember there’s no sunlight there now as we’re only days past Winter Solstice – it’s polar night.  Yet the thermometer is 50 degrees above normal! … Continue reading NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: STABILITY in 2016

💦 A Flow of Holiday Thoughts…

We wish you the Magic of water, the Rhythm of rivers and the Joy of friends and family on our riverbanks! "THE RIVER SPEAKS"  - Poem by Gene Lindberg Down from the mountains of eternal snow The streams come tumbling, joining as they flow To send a river winding toward the sea. I listen, and … Continue reading 💦 A Flow of Holiday Thoughts…

Gathering Momentum

A STRONG PUSH... In Paris this month 195 countries tackled climate change together, due to increased public awareness. TO KEEP MOVING... Climate change is still in question, NOT out of the question! AND PAYING ATTENTION. Climate change is invisible, but its causes and effects are visible. Photography has been a critical tool in communicating the … Continue reading Gathering Momentum

A walk on the edge of the woods

The Pine Barrens around Helmetta are a small, unique ecosystem within the Raritan River Basin, along the edge of its Manalapan River tributary. They are part of the Spotswood Outlier of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Many who think they know the Raritan River Basin are amazed to learn of this outlier with its acid … Continue reading A walk on the edge of the woods

#Climate4Peace – NOW

The last few months have been charged with galvanizing grassroots energy. We’ve seen 'Kayak-tivists' halt Shell’s Arctic icebreaker, and campaigns such as Keep it in the Ground and DIVEST.  People are increasingly  gathering and marching in hundreds of cities around the world and calling for clean energy solutions. In NYC this past weekend, global activism … Continue reading #Climate4Peace – NOW


Can't do is like "Don't Care." -Maya Angelou We all care about having clean fresh #water! #givingtuesday