Will the movie “DamNation” lead to the removal of the lower four Snake River Dams?

USA: WA, Columbia Snake River Basin, Garfield Co., Lower Granite Dam
USA: WA, Columbia Snake River Basin, Garfield Co., Lower Granite Dam

Since the release of the movie “DamNation” over a year ago, over 72 dams have been removed and over 730 miles of rivers were restored across the United States according to the non-profit conservation organization American Rivers. In January of this year, the producers of the movie met with members of Congress and White House officials regarding the removal of the lower four Snake River dams. Lower Granite is one.

NWNL documented the Snake River on an expedition last May interviewing stakeholders of the river including local farmers, an irrigation association, members of the Nez Perce Tribe, the manager of the Port of Lewiston, Idaho Power spokespersons and conservation organizations. Each group presented what the importance of the Snake River is to them. The only stakeholders we could not interview are the 13 species of salmon, the lamprey, the whales and other ocean-going creatures as well as the riparian vegetation that depend on an abundance of salmon to thrive. They are also voices of the river. Will some or all of the lower four dams be removed?  Check out the facts and myths page on the website of Save Our Wild Salmon. Further information about DamNation and its influence on dam removal is also available.

Blog post and photo by Barbara Briggs Folger.

3 thoughts on “Will the movie “DamNation” lead to the removal of the lower four Snake River Dams?

  1. If all impacted by the removal of the 4 LSRDs can given the necessary assurances and kept whole, then I hope the dams come out. All understand the intent is to have a win/win outcome, then we will be doing the right thing by saving the salmon.

  2. Having seen Damnation I am aware that most of the dams in this country still standing are no longer useful. I want to yell “Give us back our rivers!” at the top of my voice. They have been hijacked and it’s time to give them their freedom by getting rid of those dams that are now so clearly counter productive.

  3. It was with best intentions and perhaps an over zealous corps who needed the work when those dams were built. However, like so much in this country we learn the hard way, after it may be too late. Now we must face up, do the only thing we as humans can do more than anything on the face of this earth: admit when we went too far and correct the issue, for our children’s children. And, perhaps,
    we can save some element of one of the most influential species on the planet.

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