LET'S ACT TOGETHER as ONE WATERSHED COMMUNITY: scientists and engineers artists and photographers the youth and baby-boomers urban and rural residents citizen-scientists Many thanks to all NWNL supporters and everyone generating awareness of the importance of our watersheds!  

Watershed Education for ALL!

 IMAGINE… you can help NWNL encourage grassroots awareness and action. Water issues are people issues.  NWNL HAS REACHED OVER A MILLION PEOPLE with its documentation of watershed threats and solutions. NWNL social media attention is exploding: over 25,000 people viewed one NWNL image last week. Generous grants, gifts and in-kind donations totaling $900,000 have supported … Continue reading Watershed Education for ALL!

Even invasive species can be beautiful

Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the world's worst aquatic weeds. It is characterized by rapid growth rate, extensive reproductive output and broad environmental resistance. It creates dense mats of vegetation that restrict oxygen in water, causing deterioration in water quality, fish mortality and declining biodiversity. A healthy acre of the plant can weigh … Continue reading Even invasive species can be beautiful

Serpentine Curves and Manufactured Angles of the Mississippi

Aerial photos of the Atchafalaya Basin. - Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director