Our 20th Expedition!

Please Help Fund the NWNL Lower Mississippi River Expedition September 2 - 30, 2014 Expedition Route NWNL will visit the Lower Mississippi River Basin including: New Orleans, The Delta, Baton Rouge, Natchez, Vicksburg, Clarksdale, Memphis and small river towns en route. Expedition Focus • Urban and Rural Resiliency to Climate Change. • Coastal Erosion and … Continue reading Our 20th Expedition!

Knowing the facts will help us SAVE ELEPHANTS

Ironically, just after our blog yesterday, about the remarkable qualities of elephants, more sad statistics were featured in today's NY Times, p. A9. Study Details Elephant Deaths Poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa from 2010 to 2012, a huge spike in the continent's death rate of the world's largest mammals because of an … Continue reading Knowing the facts will help us SAVE ELEPHANTS

An elephant’s memory of water

The African savannah elephant is the largest land mammal in the world. In folklore, elephants are known for not forgetting. For the African savannah elephant, memory is a tool for surviving challenges that may come intermittently over decades. Long-term memory tends to be vested in the older females, called matriarchs, without which the herd could … Continue reading An elephant’s memory of water

Life history of a meander

- Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

This Sunday look for the Full Sturgeon Supermoon

This Sunday, August 10, the full Moon will appear as much as 14% closer and 30% brighter than other full Moons of the year. Why? The August full Moon falls on the same day as perigee. It is known as the Full Sturgeon Moon of August. Fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this … Continue reading This Sunday look for the Full Sturgeon Supermoon