Start your morning by reducing the trash that pollutes our watersheds!

Monday morning has closed in on us once again.  Although some of us are instantly wide-awake and others keep hitting that snooze button, there is something many of us, still in PJ’s, have in common.  Coffee.  And now, with our eyes barely open, we can easily get our morning cup o’ Joe without any hassle by using single-serve coffeemakers, like the Keurig machines.

Unfortunately, these machines are based on a single-use pod that’s thrown away after every cup.  More waste in our watersheds!  According to the non profit news organization Mother Jones, Green Mountain produced 8.3 billion “K-cups” in 2013.  That’s enough to wrap around the earth 10.5 times!  Scary, right?  Thankfully, other companies such as Greenway have organic, compostable coffee pods with netting around the coffee (think tea bag), instead of the larger plastic pods.  These little guys have the same great coffee and are better for the environment.











Canada:  British Columbia, Winlaw, Slocan River Valley

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