“GLOOP” threatening global watersheds

February 11, 2014

GLOOP by Gaby Bastyra, 2010 (3:48).

A documentary short told as a nursery-school chant by a young girl tracing the discovery and impacts of plastic on our oceans, rivers and environment in general. Putting this message in the mouth of today’s youngest generation adds a gutsy impact to the now-familiar story of the forever-here debris of non-biodegradable plastics that seem to be in every corner our life.

“…Plastic doesn’t go away, all plastic things are here to stay…”

3 Responses to ““GLOOP” threatening global watersheds”

  1. AfricaInside Says:

    this is so well done. thanks for sending this. I am sharing it all over.

  2. AfricaInside Says:

    I am excited to say that our clean up the plastic bag project is happening in Samburu, Kenya this weekend. There was so much excitement about the program we had to double our efforts there. You can see what we are doing here: http://africainside.org/global-wildlife-conservation/africas-animals/

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