Orchestra climbs Farnham Glacier in the Kootenays to play “Requiem For A Glacier” to raise awareness of glacial melt

This weekend over 50 musicians performed in the snow for a glacier. “Requiem for a Glacier” composed by Paul Walde is a 4 movement oratorio. Walde collaborated with arts curator, Kiara Lynch, who recruited and rehearsed volunteers for the project. Approximately 40 choir singers, 50 musicians, a group of sound technicians, mountain guides, a film/video crew, “sherpas” and drivers traversed the steep mountain trek.

“It’s an opportunity to help save the glaciers,” said 15-year-old violinist Joy Motzkus. “It’s for the animals and for the next generation.” Her sister, 12-year-old violinist Marla, was the youngest member of the three-generation choir and orchestra.

For a donation of $10 one can get an MP3 download of “Requiem for a Glacier” via their fundraising campaign.

This area is part of the Upper Columbia River Basin, one of six case-study watersheds being documented by No Water No Life.

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