Atchafalaya Basin, LA: Lake Fausse Pte S.P. kayakers and bald cypress
Atchafalaya Basin, LA: Lake Fausse Pte S.P. kayakers and bald cypress

Fresh water sustains human life and our environment….but it is finite and threatened by overpopulation, pollution, overuse and climate change. On World Water Day, March 22nd, let’s work on broadening our understanding of the critical need for efficient, sustainable management of this vital resource.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of World Water Day as designated by the United Nations General Assembly. The emphasis is on International Water Cooperation. How can we foster partnerships within and across geo-political boundaries? Since we all depend on water, can we play a greater part in proposing solutions and overcoming water-related challenges?

No Water No Life’s goals are to promote this dialogue, involve more people in watershed protection and document solutions as well as problems. Learn more and inform others with Educational Tools. Know the Facts and Figures. Browse through NWNL’s new photo galleries focusing on our case-study watersheds! Follow our Blog!

SONG FOR WORLD WATER DAY: “The Water” by Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling.

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