Images of Ferguson Gulf Fish Market, Kenya

“We want people to focus on this region’s ecological dependence on this lake, the conflict potential if water levels fall and the national pride for this resource-rich lake that produces 30–40 tons of fish per year for Kenya,” states Ikal Angelei. NWNL had great photo ops and interviews at the Lake Turkana Fish Market on Ferguson's Gulf, Lodwar, Kapenguria and south from there along Muruni River, a tributary of the Turkwell River which flows into Lake Turkana. 

Can this baby hold onto its culture?

Southwest Ethiopia is arid; but monsoon rains in Omo River highlands have sustained generations of indigenous people downstream. Over many millennia, stable cultural systems have emerged from patterns of interaction with the perennial Omo River. Here, Nyangatom men are fiercely proud; Karo children are playful and creative; Hamar women are strong; swaddled Mursi babies are loved; … Continue reading Can this baby hold onto its culture?

Your T-shirt and water consumption

Did you know that the total usable freshwater supply for ecosystems and humans is less than 1 percent of all freshwater resources? How the world uses freshwater: • about 70 percent for irrigation • about 22 percent for industry • about 8 percent for domestic use Source: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) Did you know … Continue reading Your T-shirt and water consumption