Alternatives for Pastoralists

Kenya, Turkana village of pastoralists
Kenya, Turkana village of pastoralists, © Alison M. Jones for NWNL.

NWNL is currently in Kapenguria, Kenya, investigating alternative lifestyles that could be adopted by Turkana people left without fish or grazing lands due to reduction of Lake Turkana’s water level because of Gibe dams and agricultural schemes in Ethiopia.

NWNL documents a CABESI Project Initiative:  ALTERNATE LIVELIHOODS TO PASTORALISM:  Training individuals and groups in beekeeping, malaria prevention, silk production, camel husbandry and mango processing.  This economic empowerment is necessary to replace the former pastoralist lifestyle of these tribes now that water is scarce; land is over-grazed; and livestock herds are subject to devastation due to increasingly severe droughts.

– Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

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